Celexa Insomnia

Celexa is an antidepressant drug recommended by physicians for patients suffering from
depression, anxiety, and panic problems. It is generally taken in the dose of 20mg on a daily
basis at the beginning and slowly increased up to 40mg per day if required. However, Celexa
dosage may vary depending upon the patient’s age, medical condition, and other medication
being consumed simultaneously.

As each coin has two sides, so is the case with celexa dosage as well, in the form of treatment
and side effects. As per different studies conducted across the world to understand side
effects of celexa, researchers have found that 15 percent of patients taking celexa suffer from
insomnia. This is a big proportion and raises questions such as what is Celexa insomnia and how
can it be treated?

Overview of Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder whereby an individual either experiences lack of sleep or excessive
sleep over a period of time depending on the severity of the disorder. Along with lack of sleep
and excessive sleep, poor quality of sleep is also considered a kind of insomnia. Insomnia is
commonly referred to as Insomnia Sleep Disorder.

However, a school of experts argue that many patients suffering from depression experience
sleep disorders and that they are already suffering from insomnia before taking Celexa.
Irrespective of the time when patients experience insomnia, one cannot deny that it is essential
to understand how to deal with insomnia caused by Celexa.

Remedies for Treating Celexa Insomnia

The key to cure insomnia (sleeping disorders) is to improve your sleeping habits. By improving
the sleeping habits, one can enjoy sound sleep and avoid taking sleeping pills for the same. As
a word of caution, if patients struggle to have sound sleep even after improving their sleeping
habits, they should consult their physician before taking any medication.

Here are some tips to improve your sleeping habits.

• Take a warm water bath before falling asleep.
• Take medicines such as sleeping pills only if prescribed by your physician. However, in
case of chronic insomnia, sleeping pills must be avoided.
• Drink a glass of warm milk 15 minutes before going to sleep.
• Drink herbal tea if you do not like to have milk.
• Do meditation for 5 to 10 minutes before falling asleep.
• Regularly do exercises during the day to keep your muscles relaxed and defuse stress.
• Sleep in a quiet room and ensure that you are comfortable with the room temperature.
• Avoid taking full-fledged meals from within 2 hours of your sleeping time.
• Adopt a healthy life style.
• Avoid alcohol and tobacco.
• Sleep on your back and use a firm bed.
• Avoid taking naps during the day.
• Avoid consuming a lot of caffeine.
• Avoid stressful situations before going to sleep, which can be in the form of watching TV, playing computer games, and even browsing the net on your smart phones.
• Listen to soft music before going to sleep.
• Maintain a regular sleeping time and follow the same even on weekends.

Conclusion about Celexa caused insomnia:

It is an accepted fact that insomnia is one of the widely experienced side effects of Celexa. However, improving your sleeping habits is the best remedy for celexa insomnia and one must rely on medication only if the physician recommends it.

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